Mendoza Project

Mendoza Project

This episode of HDTV’s “Curb Appeal, the block” dramatically transformed the house by building planters and short walls to be used to separate flagstone and planted area and really defined the front space. The front wall had the mailbox, the address and a solar light on the driveway side. All the built-up walls were sided with stucco and capped with brick. A window screen was designed, built and installed over the front window. The old wood siding and “bird hole” vents were eliminated over the window s that dated the house and applying stucco. Matching redwood wind screen and balcony railing were installed to tie the two sides of the house together. The driveway was improved by creating a center cut and landscaping it to match the landscaping around it.

  • HGTV“Hard working police detective gets much needed curb Appeal”
  • SEASON 25

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